Vinegar Strokes

  • Real Name: Daniel Jacob
  • Current City: London
  • Age: 31

To this queen: Would you like to tell her something you loved or disliked about her or Twitter?

Update: Vinegar Strokes sashayed away on the third episode. The maxi challenge of the week was to create a fashion look out of cheap rubbish material. Vinegar received poor feedback from the judges for her runway presentation. Honestly, her runway look, an ugly costume made of newspaper, was truly hideous! (and this is not a read!) – So, she landed in the bottom and had to lip snyc against  Sum Ting Wong, who beat her in the lip sync battle.

She has been performing as drag queen for four years, but her acting career goes beyond that with the role in the 2017 musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie being the highlight of her career. Also, she has worked with Michelle Visage and Bianca Del Rio in the past.

Vinegar Strokes believes her strongest suit in the competition will be her comedy and singing skills. Regarding the latter however, she believes she has a particular style of singing ‘I’m like Tina Turner meets Lizzo meets Kat Slater’.

The inspiration behind her choice of drag name in her own words is: ‘The origins of my name came about with me putting makeup on for the first time and sending a picture to my best friend, who replied with: “Alright Vinegar Tits”, and I were like: “Vinegar? That is a hot name.” I wasn’t sure about ‘tits’, so I went on the internet and Vinegar Strokes popped up and I thought that’s my name!’

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and in case you wondered about the out of drag look...

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