Sum Ting Wong

  • Real Name: Bo Zeng
  • Current City: Reading, UK
  • Age: 30

To this queen: Would you like to tell her something you loved or disliked about her or Twitter?

Update: Sum Ting Wong sashayed away on the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1. Her lip sync performance was against Crystal Beth.

Sum Ting Wong is a queen who has pursued her dream of becoming a drag queen, singer and performer in spite of what family and cultural background would have expected from her to do. This is characteristic of strong personality and a win by itself!

She believes her strongest suit in the competition is her singing talent. She is also good in sewing.

This is why she picked her drag name in her own words: When I started doing drag five years ago, I wanted a name that was cheeky but also reflected my British Vietnamese heritage, so I browsed the internet and came across a meme about an American news report which turned out to be a prank. It was about a missing Asian plane and all the names of the missing crew were plays on Chinese names, such as Sum Ting Wong…. It was wrong in so many ways, and that was why I chose my name, as my own act of reclamation!

This is my favourite part of her interview with BBC which I think is really deep:

‘I’m here because I’m a drag queen not because I’m Asian. Asian is who I am but does not define who I am.’ – very well said!

‘… if a little Chinese homo is watching this at home and sees me and thinks wow I’ve been brought up to do those things too. I’m not going to tell you not to go university, I’m not going to tell you not to go to law school, but if you are unhappy then I am going to tell you to do what you love. Honestly, that would fill my heart with joy.’

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and in case you wondered about the out of drag look...

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