Scaredy Kat

scaredy Kat RuPaul's Drag Race UK
  • Real Name: To Be Announced
  • Current City: Wiltshire, UK
  • Age: 19

To this queen: Would you like to tell her something you loved or disliked about her or Twitter?

Update: Scaredy Kat sashayed away in the second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. She ended up in the bottom for her poor performance in the Downton Draggy competition and then lost the lip sync againt Blu Hydrangea.

However, in spite of her very young age, she actually won the first mini challenge on episode 1! The mini challenge was a photoshoot challenge. As long as episode 1 is concerned, she definitely surpassed the expectations of many!

Scaredy Kat is the youngest queen to compete in a Western Drag Race Competition. She does not have much experience on stage, actually she claimed on the first episode that she has never done a public performance before! But according to her,  she has been doing a lot of drag privately in her house and she has made photos and videos of those private performances public. As for the local drag scene or even gay scene where Scaredy Kat lives, well there is simply none! Perhaps because Witshire is just too small. In comparison, Belfast (where Blu Hydrangea performs) with its couple of gay bars situated opposite each other could probably feel like London, Berlin or NYC.

When she is not doing drag, Scaredy Kat is a student at university. In fact, she was in a lecture when got the phone call from RuPaul’s show letting her know that she had made it to the competition.

The reason for her choice of drag name is in her own words ‘I came up with my drag name because I’m just a bit of a pussy really, and I’m scared of everything from answering the phone to going on Drag Race. It’s all the same to me.’ – Oh Girl…

Scaredy Kat believes her strength in the competition will be her being scared of everything (what?!), well at least not only that, but also her make-up skills and her being the youngest queen in the race. She describes her style of drag as ‘very camp, exciting, colourful and bold. Cute, pink and scared – like a nervous flamingo’.

BTW, she is not very active on social media! And the reason is in her own words is ‘…I think there’s a lot of toxicity on there for a teenager growing up. It’s not that helpful to feel that everyone else is more attractive than you, better than you, got a good boyfriend or whatever else’. I definitely agree with her in general. That being said, I believe this will (and frankly should) change soon and fans will get to see much more of her on social media. At least, if she really does aim to become a queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race level.

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and in case you wondered about the out of drag look...

scaredy Kat out of drag boy photo RuPaul's Drag Race UK

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