Gothy Kendoll

  • Real Name: Sam Handley
  • Current City: Leicester, UK
  • Age: 22

To this queen: Would you like to tell her something you loved or disliked about her or Twitter?

Update: Gothy Kendoll was the first queen to be eliminated. The first maxi challenge of the season was to create one home town queen look and one Queen Elizabeth look for the runway. Especially, Gothy’s first look and lack of confidence did not appeal to the judges. She landed in the bottom and lost the lip sync to Vinegar Strokes.

While leaving the stage, she left stepping backwards and calling her own name ‘Miss Kendoll,Gothy Kendoll eiliminated first RuPaul's Drag Race UK Miss kendoll’. This refers to what Vanjie did when she was eliminated on episode 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 calling ‘Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie’. Perhaps, she hopes that, similar to Vanjie, Ru brings her back¬† on a future season of Drag Race UK.

Perhaps she deserves a second chance after all. Her runway looks were not that bad at all, the second one was actually good and the judges liked it. Also, based on the out of drag scenes of the first episode she came across as a pleasant and charming person!

Gothy Kendoll describes her style of drag as dark, contemporary, fresh, not traditional and less performance-based. She feels inspired by ‘Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, people in the 80s who were redefining what gender is and what gender can be’.

This is the reason behind her choice of drag name: ‘My name comes from my friend who described me as a Ken doll but a gothy one… ‘.

Gothy believes her strength is her ability to come up with concepts and execute them in a unique way. But, she describes herself as somebody who can pretty much sew anything:¬† ‘I can sew really well – catsuits, headpieces, everything.’

As for lip-sync, perform and dance on stage: not so much


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and in case you wondered about the out of drag look...

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