Divina De Campo

Divina De Campo RuPaul's Drag Race UK
  • Real Name: Owen Farrow
  • Current City: Brighouse, West Yorkshire
  • Age: 35

To this queen: Would you like to tell her something you loved or disliked about her or Twitter?

In the finale, Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz, and The Vivienne competed against each other as the top three queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1. Divina De Campo and The Vivienne made it to the final two and lip synced for the crown, which turned in favour of The Vivienne.

Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz , and Blu Hydrangea are all winners of episode 5 of the show. This is the first time in the Drag Race herstory that three queens win a single maxi challenge!

Divina De Campo is also the winner of the third episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1. The maxi challenge of the week was to create a fashion look out of cheap rubbish material. Divina did an amazing job of turning rubbish into glamourous-looking fashion! Basically, she nailed the competition! And in all her glory, she created her outfit without a sewing pattern!

One thing that catches one’s eye when looking into Divina De Campo’s public life and career in any online search engine is her Wikipedia page. In fact, I once read somewhere that she was the first queen on Drag Race UK to have a Wikipedia page created! I think that is impressive by itself!

Another thing that becomes obvious pretty quick about Divina is the fact that she has a lot of really professional experience and has been in the drag business for a considerable amount of time. In 2018 in fact, she was one of the judges on the popular British reality music competition All Together Now. According to her, she started performing in drag back in 2005! Perhaps that is one reason why she sees her style of drag as the old school glamour:  ‘A sequin dress, a big wig, a big lash, an approximate face’.

She believes her strongest suit in the competition will be her singing combined with dancing, acting and comedy- the combination of a few super important talents so to speak.

This the reason behind her choice of drag name in her own words: ‘So Divina is Italian for Divine who was a big inspiration for me… and then De Campo means field but I got that really because I’m super camp. I think that drag names should give you a flavour of what you’re going to get so I think Divina De Campo does that – it tells you there’s gonna be more than you’re expecting.’

And in case you were wondering: No, she cannot do death drops! In my opinion, those are sometimes overrated anyways.

Main Reference: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/rpdr-2019

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and in case you wondered about the out of drag look...

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