Drag Race UK Season 1 Judges

Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage RuPaul's Drag Race Judge

Surprise! Who would have though that Michelle Visage will be a main judge on Season 1 of Drag Race UK?! Anyways as it comes as no surprise to anybody, Michelle will be, together with Ru himself, a main judge on the show. Quite frankly, she has been doing an amazing job as judge since Season 3 of Drag Race – and that irrespective of her being very tough on the queens.

Except for being a main judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Michelle is probably best known for her career breakthrough as singer on the girl band Seduction in the early 1990’s. But, she is also a successful radio DJ, TV host and performer.

Graham Norton and Alan Carr

Graham Norton Alan Carr RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Graham Norton (left) and Alan Carr (right)

Graham Norton and Alan Carr will both appear as rotating regular judges. Their role on the show will be very much similar to Carson Kressley’s and Ross Mathews’ on Drag Race US. In fact, Graham Norton once appeared as guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2.

Graham Norton is the host of the very popular late-night TV show in the UK called The Graham Norton Show. He is also well-known as comedian, actor and radio presenter. By the way, Norton is his professional name, his real name is Graham William Walker. He is Irish and currently based in London.

Alan Carr is an English TV personality and comedian. He is known for the popular talk show Chatty Man where he actually once interviewed RuPaul.

Both Norton and Carr will be judging the queens in while wearing tucking panties. Really, this is no joke! In fact, this is what RuPaul had to say about it: “I was both shocked and delighted when Graham and Alan told me they’d be wearing tucking panties when sitting at the judges’ table. I told them it was not necessary, but they insisted. Now that’s what I call dedication!”

Guest Judges

A number of other celebrities will appear on Rupaul’s Drag Race UK as guest judges. The list includes Andrew Garfield (the Spiderman star), Cherly Cole (star singer – get ready Cheryl Hole, your role model will be literally judging you!), Maisie Williams (remember her from Game of Thrones?), Jade Thirlwall (singer in the British girl band Little Mix), Geri Horner (yes, the one from The Spice Girls!), Twiggy (modeling legend). This list of guest judges is, however, not restricted to the celebrities named here as a few others will also appear on the show.

Andrew Garfield RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Andrew Garfield
Cherly Cole RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Cherly Cole
Maisie Williams RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Maisie Williams
Jade Thirlwall RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Jade Thirlwall
Geri Horner RuPaul's Drag Race Judge
Geri Horner
Twiggy RuPaul's Drag Race Judge

The Dance Challenge Coaches

Curtis Pritchard AJ Pritchard Drag Race Judge
AJ (left) and Curtis (right) Pritchard

For the dance challenge, the queens will be coached by Curtis Pritchard and his brother AJ Pritchard.

Curtis Pritchard is a professional dancer performing on the Irish Version of Dancing with the Stars. He has also been a contestant on Love Island and ended in the fourth place on that show. AJ Pritchard is the older brother who is also a professional dancer and choreographer. He is probably best known for his dance performance on the BBC dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

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